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We take an integrative approach to the connection between mind body and spirit. Our team is a diverse group of experienced professionals in various fields, offering a number of wellbeing and training services under one roof.

We are linked and approved by KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) in UAE, and IPHM Approved Training Provider


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A treatment, and a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face & reverse the signs of aging on the face & through A treatment, and a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face & reverse the signs of aging on the face & throughout the entire body. Working with the energy that you and your body have access to gentle soothing touch to your face and neck, the Access Facelift works with your body’s cells to restore, smooth, tighten without surgery, injections, peels or drugs.

There is NO surgical procedure, NO injections peels or drugs, NO recovery time, NO creams or products to buy or use, NO lengthy consultations and NO risk.

How it is done:

You will receive gentle touch to your chest, neck, face and head aimed at accessing and moving energy to clear blocks in the energy fields, freeing stagnation caused by emotions and long-term stress. The practitioner’s hands are used as neurotransmitters to facilitate the process. Sessions can be taken while lying on your back on a massage table or reclining zero gravity chair in relaxed clothing. Whether you have one session or 10-20 sessions you will support lasting, effective change.


This one-day Access Bars class will equip you with the tools to change and create more ease in every area of your life!

This dynamic hands-on technique can assist you in changing anything that is not working for you. And you get to learn how to use some practical tools from Access Consciousness® to change limiting beliefs, emotions, and damaging patterns permanently.

The beauty and ease of this technique and the Access tools are that they are super-fast and highly effective you can apply these to changing anything. Money, business, health, happiness,  sex, relationships absolutely anything!

If you’re ready to live your best life and you’re up for helping others to do, then this is for you,  come and join us.

There are no pre-requisites for this Access Bars® Certified Training its BRILLIANT addition for any healers, health practitioners, and therapists plus it’s fully insurable!

Access Bars Class is for those who like to; 

  • Be healthy, happy, and empowered to know what they know
  • Looking to expand or start a business
  • Looking to create greater results with clients
  • Turn up your capacities
  • A family who would like more peace and calm

What You Receive: 

  • Become certified in one day with one class.
  • Learn the core technique from Access Consciousness® and have it with you for life.
  •  Run your own bars and those of your family and friends whenever you want.
  • Become a member of the Bars Swap community in Dubai where you can give and receive Access Bars® sessions for free.
  • If you did no other form of self-help, coaching, or therapy and only ran your bars every day, you’d eventually become a conscious being, i.e. a magnet to everything you desire and more.

Today Access Bars® is practiced in over 170 countries worldwide, used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, schools, businesses, athletes, prison wards, psychologists, artists and many more.


(دورة الاكسس بارز (تقنية مسارات الوعي)

هل تساءلت يوماً، ما الذي يمكنني فعله ليصبح الحال أفضل من هذا؟

دورة الاكسس بارز ليست مجرد تقنية، بل أسلوب حياة متكامل

بعد الانتهاء من الدورة مباشرة ستحقق الآتي

التحرر من المعتقدات والبرمجيات التي تعيق تقدمك في الحياة والتي جعلتك تظن بانك كائن محدود •

فتح احتمالات لا محدودة وخيارات جديدة في حياتك وتستيقظ بوعي تام للمستقبل •

مسح معتقداتك السابقة غير الداعمة •

الوصول إلى حقيقتك تحديد وجهتك تحقيق أهدافك•

شهادة عالمية معتمدة 

نقدم لك شهادة عالمية معتمدة كممارس لتقنية الأكسس بارز مباشرة خلال يوم الدورة


محاور الدورة

التعرف على أساسيات الأكسس بارز •

التعرف على النقاط المسؤولة عن المشاعر في الرأس ووظيفتها •

مشاهدة وممارسة ميدانية لجلسات تطبيقية •

معرفة طرق التخلص من التوتر والقلق والمشاعر السلبية •

التعرف وتطبيق تمرين لتنشيط الغدة التيموسية •

يكتسب المتدرب طاقة رائعة تمنحه السلام الداخلي •

يحصل المتدرب على جلستين، ويقدم جلستين وهذا يمنحك قابلية أكبر •

اكتساب القدرة على تغيير كل ما تعشش فيك من عادات ومعتقدات وقفت بينك وبين تحقيق احلامك •

يتحصل المتدرب على مذكرة تلخص مضمون التدريب •

مشاهدة وممارسة ميدانية لجلسات تطبيقية •

يتم تسجيل المتدرب رسميا في موقع عالمي خاص بالبرنامج •

يمكن للمتدرب ان يفتح عمله الخاص و تقديم جلسات بصفته ممارس للتقنية •

سعر الدوره 1350 درهم اماراتي

اطفال من سن 7 الى 15 مجاناً اذا رافق شخص بالغ في الدورة

مدة الدوره 5 ساعات

الحضور او بالزوم اون لاين


للحجز او الاستفسار التواصل على الارقام التالية

الواتس اب او الاتصال على

+97158 5587899


+9714 8748889


From trauma and PTSD to anxiety, addictions, weight issues, depression and more. Hypnotherapy is a proven and effective method to create lasting change.

Become a Qualified Hypnotherapist with this KHDA Certified Course. This course gives you all the tools to be able to successfully use Hypnosis in a therapeutic way to transform lives of your clients and build a rewarding career.


  • Principles of Hypnosis
  • The conscious and subconscious mind, brain waves and physical signs – Approaches to Hypnosis and Suggestion Therapy
  • The consultation, contraindications, and structure of a hypnotherapy session – Suggestibility tests
  • A Hypnosis Induction and Deepener
  • Therapeutic Part of the session
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Clinical Hypnosis and practical applications
  • Psychological Hypnosis and practical applications


  • KHDA Approved Certificate
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Manual
  • Refreshments
  • FREE Parking


Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual understanding of yourself and the world around you. It could push away pain, anxiety, and  negative emotions and heal relationships. It may let you experience the joy of healing others. It could bring balance to your life, heal your chakras, and fill you with contentment and a sense of  deep understanding.USUI REIKI LEVEL 3 CONTENTS: 
  • Attunement to Master Symbol (extremely powerful)
  • Usui Reiki Master symbols
  • Tibetan Master Symbols
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Reiki Meditation and Breathing
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Ho’ Oponopono
  • The 3 pullers of Reiki
  • Joshin Koyuu
  • Usui Reiki Level 3 Manual
  • Usui Reiki Level 3 IPHM Recognized Certification
  • Follow-ups: After this course, you can attend all Reiki Swapping sessions where you can  practice your Reiki, share this light with others, clarify any doubt and learn more.
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • Free Parking


Price: 2200aed

Duration: 3 days

ThetaHealing Basic DNA is a beautiful modality. It connects you to the Creator of all that is accessing through theta brainwave. Uncovers the subconscious belief through muscle testing. Learning to Read and Scan inside the body. Identify his/her own negative belief and practice to release from all 4 four belief systems from your Core level, your Genetic level, your History level, and your Soul level.

Learning to replace and feel with a positive belief. 

• How to listen to your guides and guardian angels?

• How to do manifesting?

• How to read past your and future readings?

• How to activate all your chakras and awaken your Kundalini, balancing serotonin and noradrenaline levels, pulling radiation, manifesting for Soul Mates, removing wayward and curses.

• Learning about the Seven Planes of Existence, and the protocols for healing a variety of conditions and diseases.

In three days the student is prepared to become a practitioner of ThetaHealing® as a ThetaHealer®

The price includes:

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner Manual
  • Basic ThetaHealing Book by Vianna Stibal
  • Official Practitioner Certificate from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, USA
  • Lunch & Refreshments
  • Free Parking


Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing created by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Based on a simple spiritual principle: We’re all guided by the same invisible life force, and it controls our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

How it is done:

A quiet setting where you are not disturbed is always desirable. Reiki Practitioners frequently play soft music during the session as a way of masking ambient noise, but let your practitioner know if you prefer silence.

A complete Reiki session is offered to a fully clothed recipient who is lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair. Most commonly, Reiki is offered through light, non-invasive touch with the practitioner’s hands placed and held on a series of locations on the head and front and back of the torso. The placement of the hands should never be intrusive or inappropriate, nor should there be any pressure.


Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.

The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work:

therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while life coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals. Therapy helps you learn to heal; coaching empowers you to achieve goals.

How it is done:

A typical life coaching session includes: – Identifying the client’s life vision
– Reviewing their program goals
– Creating the agenda for the session
– Exploring homework and assignments from the previous week
– Setting goals for the next sessions
Consider therapy if you want to heal or get help with a mental health concern; try life coaching if you need help getting “unstuck” or realizing a fuller potential.


Hypnotherapy is an accepted treatment for:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Performance anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Weight problems
  • Anxiety and stress
  • OCD
  • Grief
  • Sleep
  • Dementia

It can be used as suggestion therapy or for patient analysis.

How it is done:

You will start your session by sharing what you want to do. Your hypnotherapist will ask you questions and observe you while you give the answers.

You need to be honest with your hypnotherapist about your fears and what led you to be there in the first place. They need to know what they’re trying to help before the hypnosis can begin.

Some hypnotherapists may explain what happens to your brain in hypnosis. They may ask your boundaries. They will explain suggestibility and assess your suggestibility.

The induction is the relaxation part of the process that leads to hypnosis. You will be aware of everything around you and will hear everything the hypnotherapist is saying.

What they use in the induction depends on the details and answers you gave in the introduction. 

The hypnotherapist will use techniques that are safe but may entail many different types of language. They’re trying to find what works best for you, so it may take a few minutes.

The induction can happen fast or take up to 20 minutes. There are no cookie cutter hypnotherapy sessions! Everyone is unique to the client.

After the induction is complete, the therapist will ask a series of questions to determine the state of hypnosis you’re in.

When your hypnotherapist feels you explored your subconscious mind and completed your change work, they will start to bring you out of the trance. It will be a gentle and slow process.

You won’t “snap awake” like you see in movies.

They will be watching you closely to make sure you are coming out of the trance without any issue. Don’t worry, the issues that hypnotherapists encounter is that their clients are so relaxed in a pleasant state they don’t want to come back! If this happens to you, they will gently help you with your process until you are fully out of the trance.

They will assess your mood and ask you some more questions. You will feel relaxed and the change work you did will start to manifest.


Have you ever wanted to learn to read tarot cards? Or do you want to take your card reading skills through the roof? Have you ever considered becoming a certified professional card reader and share your gifts with the world?

This comprehensive and exciting course will teach you everything that you need to know to be able to interpret Tarot cards and to be able to give detailed readings.

This is your opportunity to learn everything you need to know about card reading – PLUS get certified!

– Major Arcana and the story of The Fool
– Introduction into the Minor Arcana
– Symbolism and its personal meaning
– Meditation with the Cards
– Tarot Journal for self-growth
– Major Arcana spreads

By the end of the 2nd-day class, be able to do readings with major arcana without any support or notes!

– 6/7 Spreads Print-Out
– Certificate
– Rider Waite Tarot Deck
– Ballpen

– Scarf or Cloth Bag & notebook

The course is also available online.


The value of past life regression therapy is to reconnect with your inner confidence, passion for life, health, joy and excitement. Regression therapy allows you to resolve any issue you may have. You do this by regressing back
to the where the issue first began. When you can heal from the core and release it, you can begin to live a new and better life. In a past life regression, you may learn why you have certain feelings towards people, places or events in this lifetime. Discover a forgotten talent or skill you have from another life. Gain clarity on a medical issue or resolve old karma.

How it is done:

During the session while you are in a safe, relaxed hypnotic and meditative state. Your subconscious will choose which past life to project and we will guide you through the past life that surfaces during your session. The past life that your subconscious chooses for you to experience will be a peak past life. A peak past life is the past life that is most karmically associated with the life you are living now. It is quite common for multiple past lives to be
experience during one session. We will direct you through your past life using specific questions that will allow you to determine the time and setting of the life.


A guided meditation that helps you clear, heal, and release any negative karmas and non optimal energetic dynamics between yourself and others, including cords, ties, and entanglement and replace them with healthy and
loving lines of communication and connection between you and them. Everything works through the Law of Karma. If you stole, others would steal from you in the following lives. If you nourished, you will be nourished. It is a consequence of what you or your spirit in the earlier life did. Thus, you benefit or suffer as a result of these actions.

How it is done:

A guided meditation that helps you clear, heal, and release any negative karmas and non optimal energetic dynamics between yourself and others, including cords, ties, and entanglement and replace them with healthy and
loving lines of communication and connection between you and them. Everything works through the Law of Karma. If you stole, others would steal from you in the following lives. If you nourished, you will be nourished. It is a consequence of what you or your spirit in the earlier life did. Thus, you benefit or suffer as a result of these actions.


Pranic Healing is an energy “no-touch” healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing utilizes “life force,” “energy,” or prana to accelerate the body’s inborn
ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing uses the energy of prana “life force“ to accelerate the natural healing power of the physical body.

Pranic Healing is often compared to medical chi-gong, therapeutic touch and other energy healing techniques because it incorporates many of the same principles within its system.

How it is done:

Pranic Healers are trained to scan the energy field that surrounds the body. Without touching, they use their hands to check the body’s aura to detect abnormal energy or disturbances. Energy reflecting an underlying disease or problem is cleansed from the energy body and fresh, healing energy “prana“ is accessed and transmitted to the patient by the healer.Pranic Healing is a three step process that substantially accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal at all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual:

  1. Scanning for energy abnormalities
  2. Removing energy abnormalities
  3. Replenishing and revitalizing with life force energy


Cord-cutting is a spiritual healing process that energetically severs that negative attachment between you and another person so that the shadow of that past relationship does not hang over you or affect your behaviour in the present.  This means that the rage, paranoia and inadequacy, particular to that aforementioned relationship can be eliminated.  And obviously, other relationships can be improved too because of it.  It does not mean that you lose contact with the person or that it weakens the positive connection.  Cord-cutting will never mean the person disappears from your life unless you consciously make that happen by severing contact.  If anything, that pure, positive connection is improved because it is no longer overshadowed by negative energies.

How it is done:

For the practice of cord-cutting, you sit comfortably, close your eyes, slow your breathing and get into a meditative state & the practitioner will start the meditation. You may want to have a notebook handy so you can take a few minutes to free-write whatever thoughts and feelings came up for you during this meditation.

Each person can have any number of such cords in one relationship itself. Even with the relationship continuing, it is essential to cut these cords because they will make the relationship healthier. It is all the more important that cord cutting is done when the relationship ends.


ThetaHealing is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. In ThetaHealing, we connect with the Creator of All That Is to co-create changes:  this is why the transformation has perfect integrity and is always done in the highest and best way.

ThetaHealing is used around the world to heal physical pain, release emotional trauma, break negative beliefs and patterns, and much more.

How it is done:

In a session, the ThetaHealer will bring the client to a Theta state through a quick meditation. While in this state, your subconscious truths will emerge more easily so the practitioner can identify your limiting belief programs and clear them.The Theta state is where we connect with the creator, the energy of pure love. The ThetaHealer does not actually do the healing. They have the important role of facilitating the session and witnessing the creator’s energy do the healing. ThetaHealers will ask you questions while also listening for any messages from the creator


Also known as Sound Healing Meditation

It’s a practice that uses vibrations (vocal or instrumental-like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks) in order to relax your mind and body. Some proponents also believe it can relieve certain ailments, including anxiety and insomnia. Sound healers (often called “sounders”) say that it works by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing respiratory rates.

How it is done:

A sound therapy treatment is both a passive and participatory experience. The passive aspect is that you become more relaxed by laying down and slowing your breath. By doing this, you prepare yourself to become the receiver of sound. It’s in this place of stillness that you participate by becoming more open and aware of each sound that comes in. Sound helps create the pathway to this place of stillness the same as a mantra helps you to arrive at the still point of meditation. Practitioners like to point out that sound healing sessions vary greatly: Some may use singing bowls from Tibet or Japan, others use tuning forks, or gongs, or bells, or crystal bowls, or a combination of these instruments
Be prepared for: falling asleep, other noises.

You can also bring your own: mat or sleeping pad, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, neck pillow, eye mask. Our center provides mat, blanket & pillow too!


Are you looking for an alternative beauty technique? The Access Energetic Facelift® is a nurturing energetic body process from Access Consciousness®.

The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

It’s a wonderful way to reverse the appearance of ageing.

You can learn the Facelift in this one-day certified practitioner class. During this class, you will work with the energies in the body and face, and while applying these, discover what can be released.

Once we get rid of the judgments, we project at our faces and bodies daily in the mirror, our body has the space to regenerate itself.

Learn the Access Energetic Facelift® with a friend or two so you can gift and receive the benefits of this dynamic process weekly.

The Access Energetic Facelift® can also be a brilliant addition to any business where you work with clients and their bodies – beauty, wellness, massage, and more. Expand your clientele and range of services offered.

Receive a practitioner certification and the Access Facelift® manual, head chart and a gift of mp3 verbal clearings to change the ageing process.

Access Bars

A treatment, Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! The guideline that best applies is that the worst you will feel is like you had a great massage, and the best that can happen is your whole life can change.

How it is done:

During an Access Bars session, a trained practitioner will lightly touch 32 points on your head which dissipates the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in your brain by the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have stored over lifetimes. Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about. That “voice” comes from those electromagnetic charges that keep us from believing we can have the life we've always known is possible.


Who said your little ones cannot enjoy a little bit of Yoga themselves This class isn’t merely for your children’s enjoyment; Kids’ Yoga is a comprehensive program to help your kids develop strong concentration skills and enhance their mental & emotional performance at school and in their social lives. Children deal with many distractions, temptations, overstimulation and peer pressure. Schools are challenged to do more with less and
be creative in how they reach even the most isolated child. Yoga is a low-cost, helpful tool that can have a positive impact on children.


Practicing Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and awareness using key physical and mental activities. Introducing your children to yoga at an early age can help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future.

Yoga helps kids to:

  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group• Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices


Using the power of the mind combined with the power of suggestions, you can easily and effortlessly maximize your creative potential to accomplish whatever you desire from life. The same powerful secrets that the world’s top athletes and stars like Tiger Woods, Lee Evans, John Travolta and Oprah used to help them overcome their failures and achieve their true potential can now be yours.

People try for years to meditate and silence their mind. Self-hypnosis makes that easy! A simple yet effective technique, self-hypnosis gives you the tools to meditate at will anytime.

Through self-hypnosis, you will learn the process of using affirmations to change your belief systems and therefore attract situations you want in your life. You will learn how to program your mind to live your daily life the way you choose. You will learn how to induce self-hypnosis and give suggestions to your mind.

Above all, you will find yourself at peace and harmony from within, by incorporating all that we will be teaching. This technique will keep you free of stress, increase productivity, concentration, improve confidence, self-esteem and enhance your lifestyle.

Candle Making Workshop

Candles have a special way of making us feel at ease. It adds warmth, scent, and ambiance to your home, and whether you’re looking to save money on purchasing candles, want to go hands-on with a new side hobby, or are in need of unique gift ideas for your family and friends, we got you.

Eternity Lifestyle Coaching offers candle making workshops – where you can create your signature candle.

From the basics, learn how to make candles using soy wax, perfect your candle’s scent with our fragrance oils, experiment with colors, learn how to do decoupage on candles, mold candles, decorate with dried herbs & flowers.

We have a lineup of workshops and classes to get you inspired.

Participants will get to take home 3 candles at the end of the session.

Dreamcatcher Making Workshop

A handmade dreamcatcher consists of a round hoop woven with a loose web of yarn and decorated with beads and feathers hanging below the hoop.

In Native-American culture, dreamcatchers were hung above the bed for sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits. Today, it has become a nice decorative piece you can hang like a charm at home.

Learn a beautiful two-layered dreamcatcher with wrapping, tricks to make tight webbing, an easy way to add beads and feathers.

Spa care Workshop

Handmade soaps are a chemical-free alternative to conventional soaps. Learn to make melt & pour soaps and spa salts in this fun-filled and interactive 2.5-hour workshop.

Customize your own soaps and spa salts with the fragrances you love, colors of your choice and according to your skin type.

Learn about natural ingredients, herbs, decoration and beautiful packaging! ✨The workshop will cover the characteristics of different bases, tips, & tricks, and design techniques.


  • Lemony Loofah Soap
  • Lavender Soap with Marble Technique
  • Toy Soap
  • Rose Chunk Soap
  • Tilted Layered Soap
  • Basic Bath Soap
  • Rejuvenating Spa Salt
  • Himalayan Salt Scrub

Soap Making Workshop

Roll up your sleeves and begin making cute, artistic and novelty soap with natural melt and pour soap base. Melt & Pour soap making is a great option for those who want to try their hand on making signature soaps.

All you have to do is melt the premade soap base, customize with your favorite colors & scents, and pour it into a mold. You can even add other additives like herbs to give it a healthier option. This
hands-on class is a great start to the world of soapmaking.

At the end of this session, you will be able to take home five pieces of soap that you made.

Group Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy which takes an individual back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind. Life today is so busy and so ‘noisy’ that these memories are usually concealed beneath the noise of everyday thoughts. A PLR session guides you out of the noise and into a deeply quiet and peaceful state where it’s far easier to locate the
memories held in your subconscious mind.

Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explore your past life and current experiences.
  • Identify physical ailments you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

Metaphysics of Crystals

Metaphysics of Crystals is a hands-on informative and transformational experience that will take you to a deeper level of understanding of yourself and others; thus enabling you to become more empowered and in control of the things that show up in your life.

The Crystal Healing and Metaphysics course will suit anyone wanting to develop themselves in all aspects of life; applying learnt techniques and using crystals as a tool to effect the necessary changes for a happy and fulfilling life.

You will learn :


  • Understanding Crystals
  • Understanding Crystal Properties
  • Decoding Crystal energy
  • Decoding energy fields using Crystals
  • Understanding Sacred Geometry
  • How to increase intuitive and psychic abilities through the power of crystals


  • Building a crystal grid & How to make crystal grids around the home, environment or workplace
  • How to set an intent for a grid
  • Understanding crystal magick & rituals during the Lunar Cycle
  • Crystal Mapping & Activation
  • Sacred Jewellery Creation
  • Crystal Meditation

Angel Card Reading

Open your intuition and natural spiritual abilities to receive accurate information during your card readings by gaining a deeper spiritual connection, expand your intuitive skills and access the guidance you need to make important decisions in your life.

Oracle Cards are the easiest way to get clear answers, especially if you’re stressed, worried, or sensitive to the energies of this complicated world. Whether you want to give yourself a daily reading or have a calling to offer readings and guidance to others, you’ll learn all you need to know to give an insightful card reading with confidence and clarity.

Angel Workshop helps discover:

  • Who your Guardian angel is?
  • Different types of Angel
  • Meditation with Angels
  • What type of Angels are we?
  • Understanding Angel Numbers
  • How to hear our angels, receive signs and messages?
  • How to ask for help from angels?
  • How to give a reading for your clients and do a reading for yourself
  • How to prepare your cards by consecrating, clearing the energy and blessing
  • How to properly shuffle, lay out and store cards after a reading, including how to deal with a jumping card, upside down card, and who should and should not touch your cards

Breathwork Online

Ready to change your life from the inside out? This 21-day practice promises to shift patterns you did not even know you have. Through daily Proactive Breathwork sessions and specific guidance from J.D. Thomas, you will learn to choose your inner voice, engage your highest emotions as fuel, and feel empowered to live the life you crave and deserve.

Learning Overview:

  • 21 days of guided daily sessions
  • Personal awareness of your own breathing
  • Feel more alive with clarity and confidence
  • Shift patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Embody more passion and direction
  • Learn to trust and surrender to the flow of life
  • Experience your power from the inside out


Special Sessions for:

  • Understanding the voices in the mind
  • Expanding what is most important
  • Enjoying the highest insight (inner sight)
  • New ways of allowing abundance
  • Activating and honoring the warrior within
  •  Embracing the lover that craves connection
  • One special guided rest and receive day per week

Reiki for Kids

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an ancient Japanese hand on healing technique to channel healing energy. The practice of Reiki promotes relaxation and confidence in children. Reiki allows children to learn to unplug and tap into the Universal Energy. Reiki at a young age promotes a healthy way of living throughout their adult lives, helping them make better choices and create balance.

Your child will learn:

  • History and origins of Reiki, what it is and how to use it in day to day life
  • Chakras in the body, what they mean and how they work
  • How to meditate
  • How to sense energy
  • The children will also practice Reiki on each other and meditate together.

Chakra Art Consciousness

CHAKRA ART CONSCIOUSNESS WORKSHOP (3 hours) 7 day workshop or 1 chakra per month for 7 months. As you heal, not only do you create a profound transformation in your own life, but you stimulate the healing of all the people who are connected to you.

This workshop is for creative spiritual people who want to heal and clear their energy wheels, so they can thrive! Experience a deep healing transformation as you open the channels between your inner and outer world and let your spirit expression flow through you.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Learn an overview of Chakra and identify blocks
  • How to have a healthy chakra
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Complete your Chakra painting
  • Check the vibration of your painting
  • Learn how to focus on the creative expression of chakra to absorb the positive energy of the painting.

Come along and create your series of 7 Chakra Art.

5 Senses Activation Art Therapy

5 Senses Activation Art Therapy helps to let go of emotions through left-handed, experimental art work by concealing the vision.

By immersing yourself into an abstract painterly process you begin to create something from within you. By doing so you create a very unique and secretive visual, which is stunning in its complexity, without being explicit. That’s your intuition laid out in front of you. 

This technique is completed in 3 phases, which will eventually help to unleash the learning on how to let go, how to free our self from emotions and indulge into a process of painting and immerse into a new world of colours, love, intuition and enlightenment.

Leave your worries behind…let your guard down and enjoy an evening of creative exploration…So much fun! You have to trust in yourself to experience a cool piece of painted art using all your senses!

Bring your own scarf or sleeping eye mask. PLUS take home your painting.

Body Mapping

BODY MAPPING is a creative therapeutic process that allows you to explore and creatively communicate the stories that you live in your body. It involves painting a life-size representation of your body onto canvas and using images, symbols and words to map out places in you that are full of life, places that pain, and places that hold hope and potential for the future. In the process of creating the body map you will discover new links between these places in you and gain a deeper understanding of your own power to create health within you and through your way of living in this world.

BODY MAPPING takes place in an intimate and confidential small group setting and interweave drawing and painting with body & movement meditations, guided visualization, ritual and personal story telling No previous art experience required.

Soul Reconnect

This workshop explores how we can connect with our Soul in a deep and powerful way. To live in line with your Soul, the essence of who you are. In turn this ignites your light within and sets the path for a more wholehearted and fulfilling life! Our Soul connection workshop introduces you to your Soul, soulful discovery and ignition. Soul connection enhances this further, by exploring our personal blocks and obstacles to soulful living and how to overcome them so we live completely connected to our unique and wonderful selves.

Together we will explore:

  • Why it is important to connect with your soul
  • How you can connect with your soul
  • How you can find the answers you seek
  • How to do what your soul is calling you to do
  • How to live your passions & purpose and not just dream about them

Galaxy Art Workshop

Discover the gratifying experience of making your own Galaxy! Take your water colour paintings to cosmic levels. The workshop aims to help you focus on water colour techniques with emphasis on the freedom to use water, colour and your imagination. This workshop is beginner friendly and you’ll learn colour theory and harmony, wet on wet techniques, colour blending, colour flows and helpful applications to achieve a vibrant and whimsical galaxy painting. Evoke your celestial fantasies and walk away from the class with your own one of a kind creations!

21 Days Mindfulness Program

Liberate yourself from negative emotions by taking a deep dive into your mind. Commit 30 minutes a day towards your well-being.
A powerful online program with FREE LIFETIME access.


EFT means “Emotional Freedom Techniques” and is a powerful self-help method based on research showing that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once the distress is reduced or removed, the body can often rebalance itself, and accelerate healing. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy, and combines them with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points.

How it is done:

EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure. Proponents say the tapping helps you access your body’s energy and send signals to the part of the brain that controls stress.

EFT can often provide substantial relief with little or no emotional pain. This is not true for everyone, however. Psychological trauma can be intense and emotionally painful to deal with. If you have long-lasting or intense emotional or physical trauma it is essential that you consult your physician or licensed mental health practitioner before using EFT or any other stress-reduction method. EFT is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.

PRICE: 350aed     DURATION: 2 hours

Add some sparkle into your life. If you’re attracted to all things shiny and sparkly (like us!), then this is definitely a workshop you can’t miss!

For your aesthetics. Step into the fascinating world of Resin Art.
Learn a new creative skill and create your own resin art pieces and take them home. A unique art form if you’re looking for something to try. 

Master this art form with our step-by-step classes with personalized guidance from our instructor. Come solo and make new friends, or ask someone along with you.

Uncover the tips and tricks in working with resin. Walk away from the session with a gorgeous piece of resin art that will brighten up your home.

This workshop requires no prior art background. Recommended for participants aged 7 and above. 

PRICE: 350aed     DURATION: 2 hours

Develop your floral skills.

Our floral expert will teach you how to care for your fresh flowers properly, and share tips on floral hygiene, flower storage, care and conditioning of flowers, and also how to maintain your floral arrangements to ensure their lasting beauty. 

– Basic Introduction to Floral Care
– Introduction to tools
– Floral design basics and techniques
– Hands-on session

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided, and you get to bring home your floral creations from the workshop. 

Once you learn the skills of making floral arrangements, you’ll be able to keep making them for your loved ones and for yourself! 


This seminar is designed to get well trained at the essential technique, called “Digging”.

You will receive more solid grounding and tips you need in order to make you confident during your digging.

You will definitely learn more skills to find yours and your clients ‘key core beliefs’.

In this way, you can successfully identify the true origin of the problem and know exactly what beliefs to change.

You will be your able to perform change which last in the time and not only temporary.

As you know an un-cleared negative beliefs can be barriers to true healing.

This seminar will empower you to help your clients understand their own behaviors and lives, then through helping them make healing changes.

After Dig Deeper you achieve proficient knowledge and experience to keep doing belief work on yourself and others.

You will be able to know all the techniques to release and uncover the hidden beliefs that we are operating from.

Under the guidance of your instructor, you will have ample practice time for this class.

You will learn specific Diggings techniques, you’ll be able to emerge balanced and clear at the completion of their sessions.

With the completion of the Dig Deeper Seminar, you will have be qualified TH Practitioner.




In the Theta Healing Dig Deeper course, you will learn the following:

Module 1 – Theory

Different Digging Work

clear explanation of all the different Believes work

Digging for Fears

Digging for Diseases

Module 2 – Practical Digging Sessions

You will Dig and receive  Digging session for Fears

You will Dig and receive Digging session for Diseases

You will Dig and receive  Digging session for previous life memories

Module 3 – Receive many feelings and downloads

The instructor will download and send in your system many feelings

You have more clarity

Remove some of the limitation are limiting you to really believe in what you are

Possible have second DNA activation (if You are ready)

This seminar is 95% Practical. You will apply all you learned before.

What the course includes

2 Full days of classes (10am to 5pm) (Coffee\ tea \ fruits) 

Class Material

Theta Healing Dig Deeper Student Manual

Theta Healing Dig Deeper Practitioner Certification


Feng Shui is an Art that analyzes and improves your private or business life.

It’s an old Chinese science.

By aligning energies at your home, or work place you can improve your emotional wellbeing, relationship, attract good health, wealth and abundance.

Bring good fortune in your life by balancing your living environment.


Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual  understanding of yourself and the world around you. It could push away pain, anxiety, and  negative emotions and heal relationships. It may let you experience the joy of healing others. It 

could bring balance to your life, heal your chakras, and fill you with contentment and a sense of  deep understanding. 

You will receive Reiki Level 2 symbols which will give you the ability to offer past Reiki healing  and Distant Reiki Healing 


  • Aims and objectives -about Reiki Level 2
  • The secret symbols of Usui Reiki and their uses for all kind of healings, emotional, physical and  mental.
  • Distance healing
  • What is Reiki attunement
  • Learn cord cutting heal your relationships and for clients
  • Crystals and Reiki


  • Usui Reiki Level 2 Manual 
  • Usui Reiki Level 2 IPHM Recognized Certification 
  • Follow-ups: After this course, you can attend all Reiki Swapping sessions where you can  practice your Reiki, share this light with others, clarify any doubt and learn more.
  • Refreshments & Snacks 
  • Free Parking



Reiki is an incredible discipline that could cleanse your body and further your spiritual  understanding of yourself and the world around you. It could push away pain, anxiety, and  negative emotions and heal relationships.

It may let you experience the joy of healing others. It could bring balance to your life, heal your  chakras, and fill you with contentment and a sense of deep understanding.

Level 1 of Reiki attunes you and give you all the tools to become a Reiki Healer.


  • Aims and Objectives
  • What is Reiki
  • The History of Reiki
  • Uses of Reiki
  • Understanding the Chakras
  • Energy body & Chakras
  • Gassho
  • 5 Reiki Principles
  • Procedure for Reiki Healing
  • Hand Positions – Treating Self
  • Hand Positions – Treating Others
  • Reiki for Animals


  • Usui Reiki Level 1 Manual
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 IPHM Recognized Certification
  • Follow ups: After this Course you can attend all Reiki Swapping sessions where you can  practice your Reiki, share this light with others, clarify any doubt and learn more.
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • Free Parking


Chocolate Making Workshop