Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Connect with Your Past with Our Past Life Regression Therapy in Dubai

The value of past life regression therapy is to reconnect with your inner confidence, passion for life, health, joy and excitement. Regression therapy allows you to resolve any issue you may have. You do this by regressing back
to the where the issue first began. When you can heal from the core and release it, you can begin to live a new and better life. In a past life regression, you may learn why you have certain feelings towards people, places or events in this lifetime. Discover a forgotten talent or skill you have from another life. Gain clarity on a medical issue or resolve old karma.

How it is done:

During the session while you are in a safe, relaxed hypnotic and meditative state. Your subconscious will choose which past life to project and we will guide you through the past life that surfaces during your session. The past life that your subconscious chooses for you to experience will be a peak past life. A peak past life is the past life that is most karmically associated with the life you are living now. It is quite common for multiple past lives to be
experience during one session. We will direct you through your past life using specific questions that will allow you to determine the time and setting of the life.

Reconnect with yourself with our past life regression therapy, book your appointment now.

We also have sound healing courses in our programs, for detailed information visit – Sound healing course in Dubai.


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