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Thyroid and Energy Healing:

The human body is not a physical body only, there is another body that protects and surrounds our body, called aura. Aura is an electromagnetic energy field. 

There is also energy inside any living organism due to the presence of nerves, all this generates an electric and magnetic field

The electromagnetic field can show the strength of this person and the extent of his health, such as a magnet whose ability varies from one piece to another in attracting metals to it.

The strength of this electromagnetic field appears clearly in the form of the aura, The size of Aura can show the health and mental condition of the person.

There are some schools of bioenergetics that consider the constituent elements of the human body, such as the water element, the fire element, the earth element…etc., affect the human body.

There are other schools in energy healing science, they emphasis on colors, as each color influences the human body.  For example a person who is quick to anger and irritable has a high energy of fire or a high energy of the red color in his body.

Effects of bio energy healing therapy on humans:

If there is negative energy in a certain area of ​​the body, it will be detected as  dark colors. 

Whether in the throat, neck, or center, it will cause depression to the person, and sadness, and with time these areas weaken, and cells die faster, which cause  problems and deficiency in the thyroid gland. 

On the contrary, if the person has a high red color energy, he will have high  activity in the gland,  and an increase in the secretion of thyroid hormone.

Many Thyroid patients and open-minded physicians are turning to alternative approaches through energy healing and healing thyroid disturbances by addressing the underlying causes. 

The function of the energy healing here is to remove the negative energy and blockages in energy paths so the energy can flow freely in the body, hence improving cells health.

All things that can live, even if simple, can be renewed through Vital energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, Access bars, hypnotherapy, etc.

It helps improve and overcome most of the diseases including chronic conditions, improves mood and general wellbeing and one can enjoy the life. 



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