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Did you know that we have the ability to heal, or change something in somebody else?

Close your eyes and find the outside edges of YOU. Is your body inside of you, or are you inside your body?

Most of us are walking around with no connection to our bodies; we gave that up when we were little kids. When you were a little kid, you knew what you wanted to eat, you knew what you wanted to drink, you knew when you wanted to sleep, but nobody let you.

Start by asking questions about everything that concerns your body. Body, what would you like to wear? Body, what would you like to buy at the store? This is where you start to develop a relationship with your body by asking questions about everything that concerns it.

If you have back pain, “Hey, body what is it going to take to change this?”  Is your body screaming loud and clear about what it would like and are you refusing to listen?

When you feel pain, is it pain or is it resistance to what your body is trying to tell you? Pain is a result of what you resist, not what is real. Pain is an intensity your body is trying to give you information about that you don’t want to have.

“Let the bodies know what a gift they are, and they will be a gift to you.” You have to have consciousness of your body, or it doesn’t change it totally.

A simple exercise:

Put your hands on your face, close your eyes, feel your face in your hands and your face receiving, and your face touching your hands and your hands receiving, thank your body for being here for you and with you, no matter what you put it through, no matter what you demand of it, or request or require of it. Thank it for being with you and being willing to be so kind to you.

Does it feel nurtured and cared for? What if you were to start your day like this every day?

Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses hand placements on various positions on the body while asking specific energies to run each spot.

Did you know that you can do Access Body Process yourself too? The body likes to be touched. When you are touched or touch a body, it begins to generate the potency of Vulnerability, Gratitude, Allowance, Trust, and Honor.

There are 60 incredible body processes available to run on bodies, including yours! Some of them are for Vaccine Reversal, Weight loss, Scar, and Wound Healing, Panic Attacks, Shock and Trauma, Joint Pain and Arthritis, Immunity Boosters, the release of the signs of aging, etc.

Hands-on processes are done in areas of pain from overworked and exhausted muscles. As people get older, they create their bodies as less flexible. Access Body Process involves running different energies on the body. These energies unlock tension, resistance, pain, trauma, and dis-ease that is locked into the body.

Access Body Processes is a unique type of hands-on energy that is very effective for all body types- people, animals, and even plants!

Allow your body to relax, receive and release this stress.

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