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Hi, I’m Urvashi, an Emotional Well-Being Coach, and absolutely passionate about empowering women to ‘transcend’ beyond all limitations that are holding them back! I truly believe that our lives are a blue-print of our subconscious programming and for true and lasting change to take place in any area of our life, personal or professional, change needs to happen at the unconscious level. I use this language of the mind to enable women to shed all past emotional baggage and self defeating beliefs and help them build confidence and self-worth. The most important relationship one has is with themselves as that sets the tone for all other relationships. I teach them the concept of boundaries and conscious parenting.

I draw from my own personal experiences of overcoming grief and anxiety and clients often mention that they find me approachable and easy to talk with. I use NLP, Time Paradigm Techniques, and Polarities Integration to clean all past baggage and align the present with what is desired in the future! I truly believe that each of us can create the life of our dreams and live abundantly – if you can think it, desire it or imagine it, you have the resources within you to create it!

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