Wooden Pyramid Wish Box Reiki


  • A beautiful symbol of reiki and using jewellery box, which has long been associated with
    streak of luck.
  • All wish fulfillment.
  • Crystal healing.
  • Reiki healing.
  • Utilitarian jewellery box.

Just be positive, clear your thoughts and let the magical wonders of reiki flow in. The basic idea in the reiki box method is to use the positive reiki energies to reach all the goals in your life. There are many things a reiki box, also known as reiki manifestation box, can hold, like your requests & prayers, photos to whom you wish to send reiki, future dreams, goals & aspirations, healing for your job or business, healing relations, performance, productivity and much more. Attain peace of mind, get a job, perform better at work, increase intuition, be more productive, gain strength, stop smoking, remain healthy, success in exams, improve relationships, healing affirmations for someone and much more.


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