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Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

Unlike Tarot Cards where your future is predicted, Angel cards focus on what is going on in your life right now and offer ways to deal with the issues and how to move through them with love, faith and trust. They quite simply are Angelic messages and divine guidance. Access the energies of angelic beings. When you’re facing challenges, angel messages offer encouragement and positive affirmations. An angel card reading is useful for seeking guidance with your life path. The cards’ gentle messages help soothe and calm emotions.

How it is done:

The Angel Card decks all have powerful messages of guidance and reassurance and help us to have more faith in ourselves and our life path. They also assist us in releasing old wounds so we can move forward with more inner peace, happiness and love. What we do is deliver these Angel messages in the most loving and intuitive way with a wee bit of life coaching thrown in as an added bonus!


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