Breathwork Online

Breathwork Online

Ready to change your life from the inside out? This 21-day practice promises to shift patterns you did not even know you have. Through daily Proactive Breathwork sessions and specific guidance from J.D. Thomas, you will learn to choose your inner voice, engage your highest emotions as fuel, and feel empowered to live the life you crave and deserve.

Learning Overview:

  • 21 days of guided daily sessions
  • Personal awareness of your own breathing
  • Feel more alive with clarity and confidence
  • Shift patterns in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Embody more passion and direction
  • Learn to trust and surrender to the flow of life
  • Experience your power from the inside out

Special Sessions for:

  • Understanding the voices in the mind
  • Expanding what is most important
  • Enjoying the highest insight (inner sight)
  • New ways of allowing abundance
  • Activating and honoring the warrior within
  •  Embracing the lover that craves connection
  • One special guided rest and receive day per week


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