Metaphysics of Crystals

Duration : 2 Days
Metaphysics of Crystals is a hands-on informative and transformational experience that will take you to a deeper level of understanding of yourself and others; thus enabling you to become more empowered and in control of the things that show up in your life.

The Crystal Healing and Metaphysics course will suit anyone wanting to develop themselves in all aspects of life; applying learnt techniques and using crystals as a tool to effect the necessary changes for a happy and fulfilling life.

You will learn :


Understanding Crystals
Understanding Crystal Properties
Decoding Crystal energy
Decoding energy fields using Crystals
Understanding Sacred Geometry
How to increase intuitive and psychic abilities through the power of crystals

Building a crystal grid & How to make crystal grids around the home, environment or workplace
How to set an intent for a grid
Understanding crystal magick & rituals during the Lunar Cycle
Crystal Mapping & Activation
Sacred Jewellery Creation
Crystal Meditation


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