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Duration: 90minutes

The best massage in the world.

M5C – Best Massage in The World at Dubai Al Barsha.

  • Shiatsu and Tuina, which through energy meridians make the body more balanced.
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi which means “unique/divine massage”  offers wave effects of life that flood the whole body in a beneficial relaxation
  • Turkish massage is a very energetic, dynamic, effective, and relaxing action
  • Ayurvedic touches on chakras, the marmas, and energy points

It is a treatment combining the energy of Reiki, Kundalini, Magnetism, Reflexology, and AromaTherapy associated with a very powerful, slow, and deep massage which allows circulating the vital energy directly inside the body using the world’s finest oils from Switzerland.

  • Oils are applied to specific phases. Detoxification – Relaxation – Letting go – Revitalization, Reconnection, and stimulation of the immune system.
  • This biodynamic massage process awakens natural self-healing processes by unloading cumbersome emotional memories and toxins.
  • Like psychotherapy for the body, it allows you to let a whole restorative and initiating development take place, opening the body’s memory, cleaning up old traumas, and letting the energy of pleasure and life circulate freely.
  • This treatment method provides an impressive physical and mental letting go.
  • Essential Oil and Vegetable oils are used in preparations.
  • Tea trees, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, ylang-ylang, rosemary, peppermint, mandarin, ginger, etc.



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